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Kai-fu Lee pretense

Outgoing N secondary away from Google's Kai-fu Lee, the last really left, and he a hypocritical, "Goodbye, Google" fighting official call to arms, seemed to make him leave Google again to join Google when the image of a fighter pocketed the eye.

"Whenever I think I will step in, I think of Apple founder Steve Jobs's famous quote: the most important, have the courage to follow the heart and intuition, your heart and intuition to know how many have you truly want to become What kind of person. Any other thing is secondary. "Lee's eyes at this time, intuition and inner experience of suffering seems to squeeze the pan after the rebirth and Return to Innocence, is obsessed with thinking in Sri Lanka and the good from the human and restrained. And such high-profile "goodbye", this type of form and the "heart and intuition" strong opposition, so many people leave the back of his sadness to read more is arrogant, hypocritical and sad.

Kai-fu Lee to leave to hear the news, Baidu Robin Li Wuwei Chen heart must be mixed, with the Lee brothers Shijizhizhan full adherence to 4 years, if Google really as four years in the Kai-fu Lee said: Today, Google China search for quality has been called the most accurate, most complete, real-time. After optimization of the Chinese search, had opened dozens of products, so that Google China's territory gradually clear. Including Google Maps, Google Mobile Maps, Google mobile search, Google translation are all up to the first. In addition, the introduction of music search, allowing users to enjoy the genuine free music for the first time, created a new model of global music downloads. Then went through four years of Luang war, the usher in the Baidu's most powerful moment of the development and flourishing at this time, faced with the departure of Kai-fu Lee, Robin Li is fortunate that lost a strong competitor? Or regret at the best competitors The future of competition disappear Ershi Baidu loses focus, even gripping at the competition out of focus Ershi Baidu gradually slacken and into the downward curve?

"I want to help young people realize their dreams and also fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams." Lee followed this with "heart and intuition" of the trip, seems full of frustration and anxious. Must have been this way with sympathetic Jun Tang do not want to see. In 2008, when the Tang Jun to 1 billion yuan move astronomical achievements after the first professional manager, Kai-fu Lee for Tang Jun, "employees", preface to this book when it said: China's economic development needs of a large number of high-quality professional managers - - A successful professional managers with the legendary story of professional managers to describe the key, hope - more young people to develop this talent. In Tang's eyes, perhaps Kai-fu Lee then feel free assessment of his means that Lee defeated a certain period after Google will choose the same path. But this accident is to Jun Tang, Li not only failed to select the key professional managers, and help young people realize their dreams of so-called "beautiful" turn around, easily denied professional managers sustainability.

Under the effect on the frown. For in order to help young people realize their dreams in the name of obedient heart and intuition to achieve their dreams of Kai-fu Lee to "Goodbye, Google" as the subject a high profile announcement from Google, whose sole purpose is to make their own "from the heart choice" plan for more attention to finding a way to make eye next offensive initiative and the right to speak, in the territory later in the venture to seek the most advantageous position.

Kai-fu Lee, IT industry has been synonymous with the great symbols and, when lowered it all the rings and the glory, the obedience of his heart and feel the business of the road, only when he completely lost share of hypocritical and artificial sharpening to zero after the jump, is a real new Kai-fu Lee era.

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BP uplink

The low profitability of the petrochemical industry stripped out, focus on upstream investment, BP to look more long-term stable oil supply capacity

December 28, 2004, annual output of 900,000 tons of Shanghai Secco ethylene completion of construction machinery, 30, at Jinshan Hotel in Shanghai held a grand signing ceremony. And Game Division fanfare of publicity compared to 50% as investors SECCO of BP (British Petroleum) was very low key, not even issued a press release on this. BP's low-key not accidental. 3 days - 2005 1 1st, a new company in Shanghai, will replace BP SECCO fully take over the investment of the joint venture totaled 2.7 billion integrated petrochemical project.


BP petrochemicals business has 130 million fixed assets, of which more than half of olefins and their derivatives. April 2004, BP announced 顠?arsenazo 鈹?顠?Ba urinate Chang 顚?See drop mark 顑?noon 顎?P lazy 鈷?farewell outside the operating entity. Plan after the announcement, their former natural gas, electricity and renewable products division president Bluff? Alexander as chief executive of BP petrochemicals business, on July 1, 2004 from the office, start stripping project implementation.

BP's olefins and derivatives business has 7,500 employees around the world mainly in the United States and Europe, mainly in China, in Shanghai Caojing BP and Sinopec, Shanghai Petrochemical, a joint venture of Shanghai Secco. As a result, are stripped of natural SECCO the list. Earlier this year in Shanghai, the new company set up in April 1, 2005 will be after finishing the relevant legal procedures, and the formal separation of BP. By then, BP will work with Shanghai SECCO relationship in the legal sense out of. However, BP will continue to SECCO over time investors, SECCO's argument is one to two years.

Three blocks in the BP Group, petrochemical products, the olefins and derivatives business return on investment remained low, dragged down the overall performance of BP. BP says that the long term, stripping more olefins and derivatives business of their own interests. BP China's public relations manager Zhao Yuanheng explained to reporters, BP is a very great importance to the performance of the enterprise, from the perspective of shareholder value, olefin derivatives sector long-term investment returns low, the internal dispute in the BP family of investment environment, olefins and The derivatives business is difficult to secure favorable financing, so not conducive to this part of the business. The olefins and derivatives divestiture of its size in the global petrochemical industry is still in leading position, will become one of the new Global 500, will attract investors to invest.

Strategic Development of the former Department of Sinopec's Dr. Xu Yugao recognized BP's argument: in other business growth and profitability are good cases, this part of the whole tied together with the entire group would lower the return on investment. After stripping the stock market will rise to meet BP want to improve shareholder return requirements.

According to BP's plan, the second half of 2005 through open market approach to selling olefins and derivatives business. BP petrochemical sector in the current global annual output reached 34.59 million tons, including olefins and their derivatives is about 22 million tons annual production. BP has been stressed that BP olefins and derivatives business are good assets, enjoy the global production network, advanced technology, excellent products and strong market position, is the petrochemical industry, the best kind of business assets.


In fact, BP is not the only one to lower investment returns petrochemical business restructuring enterprises. BP's biggest competitor in Europe, but also Europe's second largest oil companies - Shell Oil Company has already sold most of the petrochemical business, concentrate on working oil production. Ranked third in Europe are France's Total oil company last October announced a reorganization of some of its chemical business, in 2006, before the formation of a new chemical company Arkema. Major oil companies have assets to sell inefficient way to optimize the asset structure, asset profitability.

BP, Shell and Andorra has exploration, mining, oil refining, chemical and petrochemical supply chain integration of the layout, can be a chain of take-all. In other industries in the extended supply chain, the pursuit of supply chain trend of the overall return, the three oil giants invariably withdraw from the petrochemical business, there seems to back the opposite direction of the mean. However, in the world today by the energy constraint, oil as an important strategic, proven recoverable reserves have primacy and who has more proven reserves, whoever has the dominant market position. Therefore, these oil companies have all funds devoted to upstream, the low profitability of the petrochemical industry spun off to improve performance, strengthen the financial capacity to expand in the exploration, development and other upstream inputs.

10 years ago, BP is just a mid-sized European oil company. 10 years later, in 2004, "Fortune" Global 500 Award in, BP, with its 232.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2003, ranked second in revenue, more than U.S. oil giant Exxon Mobil, the world's largest energy companies . BP growth process, that is, mergers and acquisitions, big oil and gas production process.

From 97 years, BP has always been in the oil and gas industry restructuring process of the cutting edge. To 61.9 billion U.S. dollars in 1998 merged with Amoco (Amoco) company, in 1999 BP-Amoco Youyi 31.8 billion merger of ARCO (Arco) company. 2000 will be the world's leading lubricant brand Castrol (Castrol)'s fold after, BP in the results, assets and shareholder return and so on among the ranks of the world's three major oil companies.

M & A Amoco (Amoco) is a series of BP sustained more than two years in the first major M & A transactions. Mergers and acquisitions to enhance BP's position in the global market, many played an important role. Ah (ARCO) after accession, BP covering the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific fuel market, acquisition strategy, also for the BP ARCO gas business in the Far East provided an opportunity for growth. Through the acquisition of Amoco and ARCO, BP's natural gas output in 10 years increased by 8 times. In addition, BP's acquisition of the Burmah Castrol, BP has made a senior oil is a globally recognized brand "Castrol", BP's operational capacity for consumers greatly strengthened. German VEBA (Veba) oil companies in Germany and Central Europe, retail and oil refining assets acquired, is also a BP to develop a strong retail business strategy. BP made in Germany and Austria leading the market leader in Poland and other Central European countries also have enhanced strength.

In the petrochemical industry chain, the upstream industry's profit is much greater than the downstream industry. BP Group in the upstream petrochemical industry has the advantage of specialization, it has substantial oil and gas resources, currently BP75% -80% of the profits from upstream. In 2003, BP share TNK BP (TNK-BP) 50% stake in the company to create a sixth new upstream profit center. TNK-BP is Russia's third-largest oil company, covering petroleum products from oil resources to all areas of marketing, vertical business. In terms of the production, TNK-BP and Amoco before the acquisition rather, its 3.6 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, of which 28 million barrels under development.

BP's business scale and market coverage and the continued development of world energy supply and demand pattern matching. BP's oil reserves from the acquisition after the beginning of the rise, jumped from 80 million barrels to 200 billion barrels in 2003. In the January 18 "Finance" magazine's annual meeting, the investment bank Goldman Sachs global economist Ru Pakistan said that in the next 20 years, the world will continue to maintain strong demand for oil. BP buried underground or undersea wealth will be gradually transformed into real money.

Chinese thinking

Did not dare to ignore the oil companies of China as a super oil market. China is already the second largest after the U.S. oil consumer. On the foreign oil giants, the retail terminal benefits have been enormous because China's policy of being kept out. December 11, 2004, China's refined oil retail market is fully opened, and has always advocated "first step" in BP as early as June 2001 had the winner, with PetroChina in Guangdong has established China's first joint venture retail sales of refined oil, oil products for both retail and future cooperation in the field of deep foundation.

Statistics show that China's car sales growth in volume of only 30% last year, China's oil product retail to foreign investors understood the significance of the oil giant. November 18, 2004, PetroChina and BP joint venture company for BP oil company, CNPC held a listing ceremony. Before the November 4 by BP and Sinopec joint venture of Sinopec BP (Zhejiang) Petroleum Co., Ltd. was officially established. According to the same year, Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Britain in May respectively, during the BP and Sinopec and PetroChina signed a contract, the two joint ventures in 2007 were in Guangdong and Zhejiang before the acquisition, construction and operation of 500 service stations. Total investment was 4.775 billion yuan and 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, BP, respectively, in two joint venture owned 49% and 40% of the shares. Of the Petroleum BP, since the early action in 2001, currently owned enterprises in Guangdong province has more than 400 stations, more than 200,000 vehicles every day to provide services, its business volume in the Pearl River Delta Region has reached 20%.

Although the domestic upstream oil and gas exploration and development business is not open to foreign investment has substantially, but in addition to the retail oil products, the demand in the chemical products in China, BP petrochemicals business has enough room for growth, BP also take the hint. Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Britain during the BP and China signed a series of more than one billion dollars the total amount of the agreement. In addition to these joint venture projects, oil, BP and Sinopec signed an agreement to jointly build an annual production capacity in Nanjing by up to 50 tons of acetic acid joint venture, with each holding 50%. Production is expected by the end of 2006. BP also signed a letter of intent, plans to BP Zhuhai PTA plant's annual production increased from 350,000 tons to 1.2 million tons. Meanwhile BP and Sinopec acetic acid joint venture in Chongqing (Yangtze Acetyl) is proceeding smoothly, the expansion of the acetic acid production capacity from 200,000 tons to 350,000 tons / year.

BP olefins and derivatives business strip, while the retention of the aromatic hydrocarbon and petrochemical business in acetic acid business. BP, as the aromatics and acetic acid as a "superior products" in the field has a strong position. The acetic acid in the field of CATIVA field of technology and know-how PTA has the world's transfer of power in terms of global market share, BP's top two. The Asian market demand for these products is very strong field. BP is clearly not ready to give up the dominant position. From 1973 began to expand their business in China, BP has been accumulated in a series of commercial projects more than 4 billion U.S. dollars investment in 2004, this series has been even more so China's energy industry, BP has become the leading foreign investors. Before that, BP is already China's largest offshore natural gas production enterprises, China's first liquefied natural gas project (LNG) in the only foreign partners, and the largest liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import and marketing business.

The face of the gradual depletion of oil resources, alternative energy he must come forward, BP's attention has been stretched to the oil outside of the mixed fuel, hydrogen, solar energy on the expansion of investment. BP has announced that the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, participate in a demonstration project of hydrogen fuel vehicles. Drawing on its hydrogen fuel in the world involved in similar project experience, BP will provide project design, construct, operate and provide facilities for hydrogen hydrogenation. Expected in the near future, in Beijing and Shanghai hydrogen-powered cars running on fuel provided by the BP.




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The Hai Lute: national, world's

The Hai Lute: national, world's

- Interview with the General Manager Xiarui Xiao Hai Lute

Interviewer: China Software Network reporter at Qiao Zhi

Respondents: the general manager of Xiarui Xiao Hai Lute

The General Manager Xiarui Xiao Hai Lute

Reporter: design software application development in the history of shipbuilding

Xia Ruixiao: ship design software, performance design and production design are two major categories, the performance of software development began in the 60's, dedicated to the basic design of ships; and construction of integrated production and construction design software, it is with the Computer deepening the development of the hardware.

Shipbuilding software development, processing from the process, task handling, parts handling to the systems.

In terms of hardware, from single focus to the station terminal, until the computer of the distributed processing.

In the application surface, the original only by a small number of software personnel in the development to engineering and technical personnel able to master.

Graphic expression, from the description of graphics commands directly to the screen display graphics.

Most notably, from two-dimensional to three-dimensional software, software upgrade, the ship structure is clear and intuitive, so the virtual ship possible.

Reporter: different ships, targeted solutions for product design

Xia Ruixiao: Ship structure is changing, as a professional software, in solving common problems, based on re-use may double the time and energy dealing with individual problems. Especially with the factory process-related functions, special cases need special treatment. To this end, I got a shipbuilding company from shipyard experienced technical staff to guide software development, user tutorials, FAQ. Basically, each added a user, our software will greatly forward.

Many large foreign companies have their own research institutes, in order to maintain its leading position, are often targeted directly to solve their own problems encountered, but division of labor efficiency, the market is an inevitable trend, from R & D commissioned by the demand side of the development side, is more effective.

In order to adapt to different and changing the size of the shipyard ship, our software not only provides a large number of possible data model, but also provide the definition of supporting tools to the user, allowing users to define their own special, with parameters of the data model, the software automatically access, on-demand scaling.

In the input / output, we particularly pay attention to "open", input, either the DXF import from AutoCAD can also fill in a form to input, but also the temporary type; output, not only can generate DXF format, also can generate BMP format, can also generate FoxPro format.

As a result of different shipyard cutting machine, we collected 17 different country to the cutting instructions cutting machine table, sorting, specially developed to automatically adapt to different sets of material cutting machine software, free of charge for the new user profile.

Reporter: Could you talk about the software products on the Hai Lute how in the field of application of the ship, which encountered the problem?

Xia Ruixiao: Our ship is built with independent software copyright 3D platform development. In the main, the combination of ship building technology, according to process, from the ship linear smoothing treatment, according to the three-dimensional model of the structure, formation and structure of parts library for synchronization to automatically set row, automatically generated with the user to match the cutting CNC machine tool instructions.

To meet the technological requirements of different users, the software also provides data on surface machining parameters and model making, it also provides the kind of box made complex surface parameters.

In line with the construction, the software also provide support facilities for the construction of the tire frame plans and related data.

The software can also be produced with the hull intersecting or not intersecting the complex curved surface, such as the anchor point, bow thruster, rudder and diversion accessories.

With independent intellectual development platform, the version with user feedback to update and upgrade capabilities faster, more timely.

However, the promotion of domestic software is difficult, and most users are sensitive to the import of software used up very cumbersome, very slow, but they also must continue, because the owners have this requirement. In addition, shipbuilding software purchase decisions, as long as the hand off, decision-makers will often use imported software for the insurance.

Reporter: Could you talk about the advantages of the Hai Lute in the shipbuilding industry

Xia Ruixiao: The company has - support in the shipbuilding industry in ship construction, process engineering, and engaged in software development and modern shipbuilding for many years experienced experts, but also have long been engaged in computer software research and development, and more than 10 years and in close connection with ship software development , well-known shipbuilding experts, constitute shipbuilding and information technology leadership and blending the core.

Our early as 1997 the first in China launched the "three-dimensional ship software", and then something new shipyard built 13 thousand tons tanker be practical. After years of accumulated technology, has now completed a self-copyright "three-dimensional software development platform,"

Currently based on the "D platform" has been formed on the shipbuilding software series, and the shipyard at different sizes, different types of ship tonnage and products, military and civilian, on applied and verified. These basic customer base is constantly improve our software, the practice of shipbuilding base and technical support.

The company's shipbuilding software, simple interface, easy to use and integrate a large number of normative and logical basis, it is the professional requirements of the operator is very low, very high cost performance.

Some have introduced imported shipbuilding software unit, also purchased our software, as a shortage of imported software features added.

So far, three-dimensional, simulated on a computer screen in shipbuilding, and has been accepted by domestic shipbuilding software users, we are still unique.

Reporter: Software makers face pressure in the shipbuilding industry, difficulties and opportunities

Xia Ruixiao: ship industry is the application software, design software is basically the more traditional performance, compared to production of relatively rapid development of design software. In China, early in the last century the seventies and eighties have some large, medium-sized enterprises for the development of labor-intensive need to change the ship, with limited computer resources at the time of the combination of enterprises under the current situation, in lofting, fairing, outer shell expansion, structural parts and the next generation were made such as cutting material to explore and try, to some extent, promoted the shipbuilding industry's technological progress.

The decentralized research and development, the systematic is not high, integrity is not enough, although at that time in the vessel head of the organization, have jointly developed in phases focusing, achieved some results, but because the system hardware and software environment to support problem , system development organizations and mechanisms and other issues, the results of research only involved in the development of units to be applied, but failed to get promotion in the industry.

At the same time, by pressing the development of some large enterprises began to introduce foreign shipbuilding software. High cost of imported software investment, the requirements of the operator education is also high, and because the plan inconsistent with the process used, the introduction agencies often have to organize second development, into a larger, less efficient, therefore, import shipbuilding software development prospects in China are not very good.

In contrast, domestic shipbuilding software in China have to face the dual pressures, compared with imports of software, domestic software is unable to do so within a short range, less reliable, because the import of shipbuilding software has been done 30 years, while domestic shipbuilding software only do a few years;

Domestic shipbuilding software piracy in China is another pressure is low cost CAD software, although the ship is very convenient to use pirated software, but too expensive, and bringing more members of several loft, a few more classes, still make out the boat . Therefore, in our domestic shipbuilding software is difficult in large scale. A small volume of software, its continued development momentum in where?

Even so, China is a big country, after all, was a shipbuilding power, use pirated software will not ship the long-term, dedicated shipbuilding software in a large number of automatic features, fast and accurate mapping software in general is second to none. In addition, there is also ship software with search, inspection, statistics, archiving and other functions, the mapping software in general is simply do not.

In all fairness, the import software does have its obvious advantages, from both the integrity and reliability is better than China's own development of various types of shipbuilding software. It is undeniable that there is at least the following import software shortcomings:

1. Non-Chinese interface

Unless the common software, foreigners will never be finished special software, because proprietary software users undeserving of large-scale effort finished. Both the foreign language interface, Jiu need to be equipped with a high educational level operators, while the higher education operations often vision Jiaogao, ambition Jiaoda, their choice of occupation, choice's chance 鐩稿 also many, Maybe when they have just learned will be given stole. So the low-level not learn, they failed to keep the level high. This situation now exists and will remain, and will be more severe.

2. Unsuited to Chinese conditions

Shipbuilding countries there is a big difference in production, including organizational structure, processes, communication methods, the quality of personnel, equipment, grade and economic power. These conditions or plant conditions are decades or even centuries inherited, indeed affect the whole body. So be as efficient as they use for their own proprietary software development is very difficult, and requires a longer period of transition.

3. Not easy to change

Imported software is relatively mature and well-tested, because they have pushed the world, basically not likely to make further big improvements. They tend to add some features in the periphery, but not dare internal surgery, which is a common feature of mature software. So in order to correct an error, in order to compensate for a defect, often have to circle around the number of those boundaries to make some temporary patches, the increase not only dare to delete. So the system is growing, more and more redundant information, the burden increasingly heavy. Eventually lead to more efficient users of low.

4. Expensive

Import price of about three-dimensional ship software to form the productive forces of RMB 600-1500 yuan, about 20% every year to pay the upgrade and maintenance costs. Such a high price resulted in nearly two decades with only a dozen major shipyards in China have the ability to introduce, but China has hundreds of small and medium sized shipyards, they can not have that kind of economic strength, so they desperately need cheap and good China-made three-dimensional ship software, the price of imported software is only one-twentieth or thirtieth.

Above all, on the domestic shipbuilding software is undoubtedly an opportunity for undergraduate or graduate students engaged in the production of imported software design is not long, is harmful to both the state to individuals. If the lower education level so that more operators learn how to operate, not only reduce costs, not Pa Moren succession. The domestic shipbuilding software, its price is far lower than the imported software, software performance as much as imports, all finished interface, consistent with the domestic shipbuilding practices to facilitate the industry standards with the revised message format is fully open, easy to use and easy to 浜ゆ祦.

Reporter: face of China's shipbuilding industry, the work done on the Hai Lute

Xia Ruixiao: The domestic shipbuilding has become a product of three-dimensional software is the exclusive launch of Hai Lute Software Co., Ltd., has been in operation more than a dozen user units.

Shipbuilding software built by my company's products include: tanker, landing craft, hydrofoil boats, wave-piercing boat, container ships, catamarans round, ship, Shanghai Huangpu Lu Pu Bridge, Shanghai Anting Automobile City Interchange Viaduct, Chongqing International Airport terminal building, the Shanghai Library stainless steel sculpture and other cities.

Facts have proven that, all bought our software shipyards, shipbuilding software will not buy imports for the country save a lot of foreign exchange, import of shipbuilding bought some software manufacturers, import of shipbuilding software to compensate for the shortage, but also to buy our domestic shipbuilding software.

Our automated scheduling software is the only set of the "automatic" software set row, far better than its degree of automation has been introduced in the domestic foreign similar software, bought our shipbuilding software manufacturers, have bought our "full Automatic nesting software ", and another three large shipyards, has bought a set of exclusive software imports, but imports set of arrangements to make up for lack of software, then buy our" automatic nesting software. "

Two years ago, our main venue in the construction of the Beijing Olympics --- China National Stadium (commonly known as the Bird's Nest), because the software could not do the ordinary steel "nest" of "twist up" setting out, construction of units to find us, so we software-based three-dimensional ship, but also developed a "three-Witte-type structure as a" software ROOTMODEL, successfully applied to the "nest" on. "Bird's Nest" is a huge country while the three large steel enterprises to participate in the construction, the three big companies have their own preferred the original software, and some have their own software development company or a software development department, but, because their software can not accurately to deal with distortions in the plates, the last three large companies have bought our "three-Witte-type structure as a" software.

Reporter: Prospects of Ship Information

Xia Ruixiao: Shipbuilding in China is a big country, and is expected to become the world's No. 1 shipbuilding power. Our three-dimensional ship software for our determination to become the world's No. 1 shipbuilding power provides a solid technology base, and effectively avoid the shipbuilding industry's dependence on imported software. Particularly one day, when my really become the world's largest shipbuilding country, this is particularly necessary to avoid.

Import software, can not fully open to us, also say nothing after the difficult experience they will expect a positive response, because we are big shipbuilding country, is undoubtedly their competitors, let alone solve problems for you, do not gloat had been a high moral character.

Import software, and can not transcend time, they (the developers) did not expect, you (the user) used to keep Junior. Are we willing to be controlled by others, with the footsteps of others behind it?

Therefore, the development of domestic shipbuilding unwavering software is beyond doubt. In the domestic shipbuilding software, there is an immediate response can be difficult, there is a new design concept can be implemented quickly, with confidential information, do not have to worry about leaks. Only in this way, we may go beyond his country, a truly rich, powerful.

Although the domestic shipbuilding software, such as imported shipbuilding software is not yet so complete, so complete, so long as time, catch up and surpass imports shipbuilding software is technically not a problem,

In addition to software, management software, ship industry should closely follow, to the scientific management to be effective.

However, whether it is software or management software, it is up to the people to operate, or are no good.

As a shipyard, the first ship to make a modern leadership awareness and determination, but also a keen modern shipbuilding effective implementation of those, only then, the shipyard is possible synchronized, otherwise there will be bottlenecks, benefits will be synchronous decreased significantly over time, the military will be shaken, the implementation will be halfway modern shipbuilding.

Natural selection, survival of the fittest. With the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry, the shipyard to survive, we must move forward toward the direction of modern shipbuilding, the Chinese ship bound bright prospects of information technology.


Xia Ruixiao Resume

Xiarui Xiao, male, born in 1952, Education: junior high school, Title: Engineer

1967 junior high school

1968 ~ 1974

Down to the Countryside

1975 to 1991

32 Ministry of Electronics Industry Research Institute (East China Institute of Computing Technology) engineers (exceptional promotion)

1992 to 1999

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銆??涓婃捣璺壒杞欢鏈夐檺鍏徃 鎬荤粡鐞?br />




銆??2006骞?2鏈?銆婁笁缁寸壒鍨嬫瀯浣溿?杞欢 绗竴瀹屾垚浜?涓婃捣甯傜濮?

銆??銆婂叏鑷姩濂楁枡杞欢銆嬫?璁捐甯堛?绗竴瀹屾垚浜?br />




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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flash the perfect lover

Study: Lung Qi

I have collected hundreds of Flash animation boutique, enjoy these masterpieces is a treat, but also learn a lot. But so many of the Flash, playing together is a problem, double click the play is very convenient, but also can not play continuously. So I drive, "Cat" Internet searching, finally found the snow FlashPlayer! In addition to Macromedia Flash Player that comes with all the features, it also has the following characteristics:

1, and mode of enhanced playlist

Right click in the player, the menu that appears, select Open Flash銆?銆恑n銆?銆怓lash movie can put you to play the EXE file or SWF file catch (Note: the number of unregistered version has limitations).

It has two play modes:

1) MTV mode, then players will be playing the movie as a MTV to play, it will automatically click the movie button.

2) Normal mode: At this point the player will turn off automatically click the button functions, so you can easily play Flash games.

Play when you can choose playback control銆?銆恑n銆?or 銆恜laylist銆?銆恖ist loop to play, and can set銆?銆恌ast-forward or rewind set銆?銆恠et the playback speed, can also double-click the mouse has been play time and remaining time to switch.

2, capture images

Some Flash images do very beautiful, with snow, you can put a picture of our attention on these pictures down! Capture the image in order to capture the time in the name of automatically generated JPG files saved in the player PIC installation directory folder.

3, screen saver

You want those wonderful Flash into your screen protection? Play in the snow player list, select To set the screen to protect the Flash file, right click in the menu, select Set as screen saver, you'll be set to the selected screen saver file, and also will open the pre- view.

4, Flash plug-in

Snow in the Flash Player plug-in has three functions:

1) conversion tools: can be EXE 鈫?SWF, SWF 鈫?EXE conversion.

2) Download Flash Video: mainly used in the FlashPlayer Plus!

FlashPlayer Plus! Is snowing Flash player carrying a IE plug-in that lets you browse the Web while access to the Flash file on the page, allowing you to save Flash files no longer worried.

FlashPlayer Plus! Council along with the snow FlashPlayer installed on your system, if you do not have a tool bar in IE to see it, in the IE toolbar, right click in the pop-up menu select the FlashPlayer Plus!, it will appear.

When you see a Flash file you like the page, click in the toolbar's "Get Flash", FlashPlayer Plus! Will automatically call the snow FlashPlayer and Flash files on this page URL address sent to it, this When you can play list, select To download the Flash file, right click in the pop-up shortcut menu can be downloaded to the local, the system will automatically generate a name for the Flash file, the original name of the rule is added for download time. (Note: only the "http://" before the beginning of the file can be downloaded.)

FlashPlayer Plus! Also has a fast search function, if you are a first time, please go to snow FlashPlayer found under the installation directory name suffix. Reg two files: 2000.reg and 98.reg, depending on your operating system If you are using Windows 2000 or XP, right-click 2000.reg, the pop-up menu, select merge, if you are a Windows 9x users, please right-click 98.reg, the pop-up menu, select Merge, Close are viewing the page, and then open IE again, you can use.


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fireworks 8 dream trip (9): production of pop-up menu

6, CSS format pop-up menu to export production
Method of making the pop-up menu is not taught in this section we focus on the control of the CSS format, where is the need for our attention. Therefore, this section on a simple production of pop-up menu to explain to everyone for Fireworks 8 CSS to format the new menu which has an initial impression of understanding and to better further to use it.

1, open Fireworks 8, create a new file, the file size can be set directly to the size of the menu. Need to draw in the editor menu displayed on the page.

2, using the toolbox "rectangular hot spots" tool to the menu bar directly into the hot zone, do not do into the operation of the button component.

3, select the "New Books" column where the hot zone, select menu "Edit | Pop-up Menu | Add popup menu" command. In the "content" within the Settings dialog box will pop-up menu text content, links and goals are all set complete, click "Continue" button, go to the "appearance" settings dialog box.

4, in the "Appearance" settings dialog box, select Format Cells as "HTML", the font, text size, bounce status, state of the text slides, the cell colors to make a set. Is set up, click "Continue" button, switch to "advanced" settings dialog box.

5, in the Department, the relevant properties of cells some settings, the specific contents of the setting here is not explained in detail, we can refer to the Fireworks to the previous version of the tutorial for in-depth understanding of their master. After all the settings, click "Continue" button to switch to "position" Settings dialog box.

6, the menu here we choose to "set the menu position to slice the bottom of the" this format, if not satisfied, then the Y values, where you can adjust, can also be adjusted later, which we need to use to highlight The CSS format, the knowledge of the menu. Is set up a complete can.

7, the light of the above methods to add the other menu completed. Then click on the toolbar the "Export" button to export the html menu file format. In the ensuing pop-up "Export" dialog box, click the right side of the "Options" button, unearthed "HTML Settings dialog box," attention must be selected "on the pop-up menu apply CSS, the CSS external file to write" check box in front of these two before they can feel the charm of CSS format menu.

8, the menu file to the folder you are ready, open the folder, you will find inside there is a CSS cascading style sheet document, as shown below. This is what we need to highlight the protagonist of a child.

9, using the html editor or Notepad (using Notepad in fact sufficient, because the file is not complicated) to open the CSS file. We can find some html code in it, if we know nothing about html and do not be afraid, you can depend on just inside the settings menu in Fireworks impression to find some pop-up menu to set the content, such as we describe in the css section of excerpts objects which can be found for some of the menu description of the first program where the red line indicated "general apperance" is what we in the "Menu Editor" to look in some of the elements of that set, a closer look you can see a "font -family ", the font settings; also" font-size ", the font size settings are specific to the font color, background color, font style and much more settings, as long as you understand a little bit some of the language, the following These should have no problem of you. The figure in the first two places where the red line plan is to set the state when the mouse rolls over, mainly the text color and background color of cells in these two aspects of the setting.

Of course, there are other appearance of the menu, and cell borders, background color, placement menu settings, etc, are included in the css file inside the.

10, in the absence of modifications to the css file, the style of pop-up menu as shown below.

11 Next, we document the contents of the css to make a simple adjustment. As shown in the yellow area shows, we will pop-up menu text color, background color, as well as the mouse obsolete text color, and their corresponding background colors made a simple change.

12, after setting, re-preview in a browser pop-up menu, and found that has changed, and as shown below.

[Summary]: CSS formatting menu for the production, to adjust the method to explain here, and presumably you have already discovered the secret of the, by the way, in that the generated CSS Cascading Style Sheets file a. The CSS file to do as long as a simple adjustment, the whole face of pop-up menu will change with a!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

DST M ICQ: SNS opportunities and pitfalls?

Recently, with the Russian investment company Digital Sky Technologies (abbreviated DST) to 187.5 million U.S. dollars to buy AOL's instant messaging service ICQ, this Russian investment company again became the focus of the industry. Because in addition to the acquisition of ICQ, the company also invested in Facebook, Groupon and Zynga and other SNS class website. This forced people to admire the strategic vision of DST because of its investment in the current three SNS website to read, they are a good momentum of development of SNS sites, and represents the current model of development different SNS website.

Because SNS rapid development momentum, it could be the next in the Internet boom, but also attracted investors and some M & A's attention. Such as the recent stir-fried mobile location-based SNS social networking service Foursquare is facing such a situation. Alleged that Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook are interested to deal Foursquare, which has particularly among the most likely Yahoo acquisition. However, in addition to the acquired foreign, Foursquare can also choose to continue to attract investment to continue to expand their scale of independent development. This raises a question of SNS site development model, namely, at the outbreak of the period, but in urgent need of funds to maintain the development momentum of the SNS website is to choose whether to support the independent development of investment companies, or to be the way forward then M ?

Back to M & ICQ DST, when the industry will focus on the time together in DST is not difficult to find DST has a soft spot for the SNS class website. From its investment in Russia and implementation of local business to see, almost all associated with the SNS. This at least shows from an aspect of their mode of recognition for the SNS, and this recognition is reflected in its more smooth by the SNS in accordance with the natural development of their own inherent characteristics, such as its investment now has 5% of the shares of Facebook, allegedly, DST almost do not interfere with their specific business, so Facebook can maintain rapid growth and it also has a great relationship. The contrary, the seller of this ICQ AOL, ICQ its original merger was supposed to be like to take this to increase the impact of its website, and not as an independent business to develop, it is bound to face external competition when the business setback or conflict with established businesses when AOL, ICQ services will be placed in a secondary position, and even change the original model of development, the end, AOL had 287 million U.S. dollars to buy the ICQ, including ICQ team of 120 million acquisition costs of additional dollars to 187.5 million U.S. dollars today only sold DST.

Also AOL, ICQ in addition to selling things, it also faces the sale or closure of nearly two years ago to spend 850 million U.S. dollars in cash acquired social network Bebo. Original, AOL hopes to boost its advertising revenue through the website of other traffic, while using AIM and ICQ instant messaging services to promote the two Bebo in the United States market. But in Facebook, under the impact of SNS sites, Bebo's U.S. customers has been steadily reduced. Market research firm comScore said, Bebo users from the United States last year's 5.8 million reduced to 5.1 million, well below the 350 million Facebook. If AOL choose to sell it, reported the acquisition price is only half of the original. From the ICQ and the forced sale to Bebo dilemma facing today, it is not hard to see, AOL had to spend huge sums of two acquisitions with SNS websites are not escape nature, at least not in the hands of AOL to grow.

Perhaps it is in view of AOL's warning, when Yahoo For M & A Foursquare, the industry once the Foursquare is for Yahoo if the bag, then it will lead to disastrous AOL merger. Moreover, Yahoo has been before the defeat of the criminal record of such acquisitions.

In fact, M & ICQ from DST DST and AOL in the lead see, is undeniable that the two sides have had promising prospects for SNS, but the result was quite different. DST investment in the development of its peak SNS website (such as Facebook, Groupon and Zynga), means that the benefits for investors, and AOL's ICQ and Bebo initial acquisition are already being forced to sell or for sale, and the price is much lower than the original purchase price, the most fundamental is that this merger has also delayed, or even destruction of these SNS development. This is undoubtedly an inspiration to the industry, although the development of SNS in full swing, investors, and the enterprises have to see it the future with great opportunities, but investors (including mergers and acquisitions) and SNS enterprises themselves, to each other, make the right choice, not only Investors will decide the fate of the enterprise itself will decide the future of SNS, as there may be opportunities for the opposite trap.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

MSA 1500 How to link up with the EVA 4000?

MSA 1500 How to link up with the EVA 4000?

Question: connect the two storage devices, you think they separate, or be required to connect with the FC switch?

Answer: Since the foundation of your environment is not very familiar with, so that you are considering this issue should be confirmed the following:

First, how many servers you have, how many units you want to achieve;

Second, in the end you want to connect to the server by means of which the general settings, FC switches, iSCSI SAN or NAS gateway?

Third, even if you can use the FC port FC switches to connect MSA1500 and EVA 4000, you still need to consider carefully the characteristics of your application, reliability and system performance requirements.

Fourth, you are what these server operating system, run what are the key to business?

Fifth, your access to storage devices from the server is the frequency of how much this will set your network have a direct impact, performance and other aspects of the case.

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